What should you do for a living???

by: Yatie21

Do you find yourself struggling what to do with your life? Find it hard to make a choice as to what path you should take? Well, then this is the test for you. Take this quiz to find out the career path you should take.

  1. 1

    When it came to school projects, I ...

  2. 2

    When it came to my friends problems,....

  3. 3

    My mother often said this to me..

  4. 4

    If I see a dirty, poorly groomed person on the side of the road, I think...

  5. 5

    When it comes to my everyday comfortable dress...

  6. 6

    Of the following, which is closest to your favorite sporting event

  7. 7

    My favorite classic game is...

  8. 8

    In school the teacher put us into groups, this is what happened...

  9. 9

    If I was an animal, I would be...

  10. 10

    If someone gave me 50 grand, I would...

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