how hot r u..if u are?!

by: sick_of_it

are u hot. find out here

  1. 1

    what stores do you shop at?

  2. 2

    how many relationships have u had?

  3. 3

    DO EXACTLY AS I SAY! say this out loud. then tell me ur reaction. WEEE TAWD ED!

  4. 4

    pick a #

  5. 5

    which store makes more money: hollister, or abercrombie and fitch

  6. 6

    pick one

  7. 7

    lets play this or that! heres how it works in the following questions u must pick one without a reall question. READY, SET...GO

  8. 8

    same rules apply

  9. 9

    same rules apply

  10. 10

    will u rate this quiz!?

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