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Quibblo makes it easy to create quizzes, surveys, polls and personality quizzes for your personal Typepad page. Create your own Typepad quiz, or choose from thousands of free quizzes available on Quibblo. No one has more Typepad surveys and Typepad quizzes than Quibblo! Once you choose a quiz, you can copy the quiz code to your Typepad. Better yet, you can post quizzes directly to your Typepad without even leaving this site.

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How to Create a Quiz for Your Typepad

  1. Go to the quiz you want to put on your Typepad, or create your own quiz.
  2. In the "Post This Quiz" box on the right side of the quiz page, click on the "Typepad" button.
  3. Enter your Typepad info.
  4. Click "Post," and the quiz will be posted directly to your Typepad!
  5. Or, you can copy the code, and post the quiz wherever you want.

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