Off To College- Queen Bee (Book 2)

Off To College- Queen Bee (Book 2)

This is fiction, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much to your time

Read/don't read it's your choice

Sorry if it sucks Avery and Danielle dropped out (Avery's never around and Danielle doesn't wish to be friends with Melissa anymore)


Ps: Might readd Melis as a cowriter when she's free

Chapter 1


Birth Name: Angela Ducommun
Alias: Angel Coulson
Nicknames: Ange or Angel
Title: Prom Queen
Age: 18
Female Best Friends: Nina Dobrev and Danielle Campbell
Female Friends: Torrey Devitto, Elizabeth Blackmore, Kat Gram, Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, Arielle Kebbel and Riley Voelkel
Male Best Friends: Paul Wesley and Nathaniel Buzolic
Male Friends: Daniel Sharman, Steven R McQueen, Ian Somerlander, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Nathan Parsons, Chad Michael Davis, Michael Trevino, Michael Malarkey (new friend) and Sebastian Roche
Family: Sasha Wesley (3 year old daughter)
Love Interest: Paul Wesley
Extra: is engaged to be married, has been modeling since she was two, now wants to go into acting

Birth Name: Melissa Cooper
Alias: Melody Davis
Nicknames: Melis
Title: Semi S(lutt)y Party Girl
Age: 18
Female Best Friend: Angela Ducommun
Female Friends: Nina Dobrev, Danielle Campbell, Cadice Accola and Kat Graham
Male Best Friends: Michael Trevino and Steven R McQueen
Male Friends: Zach Roerig, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhandler, Matt Davis, Chris Wood, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Daniel Sharman, Nathan Parsons, Nathaniel Buzolic, Chad Michael Davis and Michael Malarkey
Love Interest: Michael Trevino
Family: Christian Trevino (Future Son/Possible Love Interest for Sasha in book 3)
Extra: wants to go into Fashion- maybe create her own line someday

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