Mikaelson Legacy

Elijah had a daughter first. With Tatia. Then Klaus had a daughter. With Hayley. Finally, Kol had a daughter. With Davina.

The Mikaelsons disappear. So Hayley, Marcel and Vincent are left to raise them on their own while trying to find the Mikaelsons? One day, Hayley disappears and the girls travel to Mystic Falls, where Stefan and Tyler have been brought back to life right after Damon and Elena get a divorce? Will thy find their parents? Love? Will old villains make an appearance? Enjoy.

Chapter 1


Tatia 'Angela' Mikaelson
Parents: Elijah and Tatia.
Species: Original Vampire
Inner Circle: Hope 'Melissa' Mikaelson and Sierra 'Wesley' Mikaelson
Main Villains after her: Tristan De Martel after being fished out of the ocean and what's left of the strix.
Who raised her: Marcel Gerard (he felt guilty about biting her dad)
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore.

Hope 'Melissa' Mikaelson
Parents: Klaus and Hayley
Species: Original Tribrid
Inner circle: Tatia 'Angela' Mikaelson and Sierra 'Wesley' Mikaelson
Main Villains after her: mostly all of Klaus' enemies
Who raised her: Hayley Marshall
Love Interest: Tyler Lockwood

Sierra 'Wesley' Mikaelson
Parents: Kol and Davina
Species: Original Witch + Vampire (not a heretic)
Inner circle: Tatia 'Angela' Mikaelson and Hope 'Melissa' Mikaelson
Main Villains after her: witches of New Orleans
Who raised her: Mostly Vincent Griffith.
Love Interest: Damon Salvatore.

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