Create Your Own Free Flash Quizzes with Quibblo

Creating Flash Quizzes with Quibblo

Quibblo is a free and easy way to create high-quality flash quizzes and add them to any site. Create your own quizzes, or choose one of the existing quizzes created by other Quibblo members.

Quizzes can be styled and customized to match the dimensions and colors of your site. You can set them to private so that people can only take them on your site, or public so that anyone in the Quibblo community can find and take them on Quizzes can also have expiration dates, so that the voting stops when you say so.

Embedding Quibblo Flash Quizzes on Your Site

Quibblo quizzes look great anywhere that supports Flash, including blogs, conventional websites, MySpace, Facebook and other social networks.

When you embed a flash quiz, you can customize the colors to match your site, and resize it for your page.

Using our quiz-embedding widget, you can grab the HTML code and paste it into your site, or you can post quizzes directly to your blog or profile on one of our direct-embed partner sites.

Sample Flash Survey

A survey has a series of questions with no right or wrong answers. The one on the right has 13 questions, and it is displayed at the minimum size, which is 174 X 300 pixels. This is a great size for the sidebar of a blog.

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Sample Flash Personality Quiz

On the right is a personality quiz. Personality quizzes have one or more questions, and based on the user's answers, they are categorized into one of a set of personality types. If you don't like the green color theme, try choosing a different color from the menu below.

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Sample Flash Scored Quiz

On the right is a scored quiz, in which all of the questions have right and wrong answers. The default size for Quibblo Flash quizzes is 300 X 400 pixels, but some of these questions and answers are very long, so this quiz fits well into the wider space, 437 X 405 pixels.

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Sample Flash Poll

Most people think of polls as quick and simple questions and answers, and usually they are. This poll, however, has some very long answers, so we've set the dimensions to 572 X 700 pixels. There is no maximum size on Quibblo Flash quizzes, so you could make your quiz even bigger than this if you wanted to.

If you do choose to use one of our direct-embedding options, the quiz will be posted at the size that is best suited to the environment where it's going.

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